Todd Siler, a longtime friend of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Institute for Science & Policy, was on hand on Wednesday, May 25 to see his artwork, titled The History of Conflict Resolution, installed in the museum's Leprino Family Atrium. Siler's work is a representation of how connection through art and science can move us through conflict and make sense of our life experiences. Much of the Institute’s mission focuses on productive dialogue and bridging divides in order to address collective action challenges facing our modern world.

In his statement accompanying the work, Siler writes: 

Imagine how different our world would be if it were possible to prevent every feud from escalating into chaos, violence, and war. Imagine how much suffering and sorrow this prevention would spare us all, and help keep the peace. Art can connect everything and everyone in purposeful ways. Science can too, so brilliantly and powerfully! Both provide the means and tools to creatively inquire, discover, and build on evidence-based truths. They help enable us make sense of our unique life experiences and share them in productive ways that deepen understanding.

The History of Conflict Resolution will be displayed through April 2023, at which time the installation will be reviewed and considered for an extension. We encourage you to stop by and reflect on how we can all find ways to prevent or overcome conflict in our own lives and society.