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From our first breath to our last exhale, air is a vital shared resource. But what's really in the air we breathe? Clearing the Air: The Hazy Future of Our Skies is an eight-episode series exploring the quality of our air, and its impact on our health, economy, and climate. Through in-depth interviews and storytelling, the series uncovers how communities around Colorado – and the world – are fighting to clean up our air. New episodes every Wednesday.

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Science at the Edge Series

A webinar series that explores new ideas and innovations in science and technology that impact society. Each episode will explore the benefits, tradeoffs, and risks associated with innovative solutions while unpacking questions around ethics, policy, and public perceptions. 

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COVID-19: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Now that we have reached the three-year mark of living with COVID-19 in the US, public health experts are reflecting on the past and the path forward. Our panel discusses long COVID, plus reviews what we’ve learned about the virus, what has changed, and what the future may hold. 

Wolves in Colorado: The Colorado Plan

Following the passage of Proposition 114, the 2023 Draft Colorado Wolf Restoration and Management Plan is now complete. Our panelists offer a broad overview of the plan and explore the process of reaching a consensus on this controversial issue.

Climate and our Economy

Climate change already affects large sectors of our economy, from infrastructure and property to public health and tourism. Many opportunities and creative ideas are being pursued by forward-thinking businesses, individuals, and governments. Speakers address the national, state, and local impacts of our changing climate and the benefits to jobs and the clean energy economy as we support a rapid energy transition.

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