Morgan Bazilian
Colorado School of Mines
Heather Myers
Wells Fargo Bank
Eleni Bickell
University of Missouri
Jenna Oliver
Ocean First Institute
Joni Burleson
Mike Orlando
Econ One Research, Inc.
Rachel Carollo
University of Colorado Boulder
Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts
Daybreak Health
Lis Cohen
Roger Pielke, Jr.
University of Colorado Boulder
Stacey DeFore
Lockheed Martin Space Lunar Exploration Campaign
Marta Pentecost
Morton Publishing Group
Christine DeLeon
Wend Collective
Dan Powers
Sarah Derdowski
University of Colorado Denver
Jennifer Reich
University of Colorado Denver
Zoey DeWolf
Colorado Legislative Services
Darrin Rich
Hospital Corporation of America
Lauren Evans
Pinyon Env & Engineering
Sue Sava
Public Education & Business Coalition
Scott Garen
Seven Arrows, Inc.
Kristina Scala
Aspen Academy
Erin Golden
University of Colorado Denver
Christine Scanlan
Keystone Policy Center
Lisa Hamil
Todd Siler
University of Colorado Anschutz
Erik Harr
Cigna Healthcare
Leonard Slosky
Slosky & Company Consultants
Kevin Hennegen
Sarah Spencer-Workman
Tom Hiester
Identiflight, LLC
Jenny Stith
WINGS Foundation
Meleah Himber
University of Colorado Anschutz
Avi Stopper
Bike Streets
Jocelyn Hittle
Colorado State University
Joshua Tewksbury
Future Earth
Kathy Holmes
Holmes Consulting Group
Tom Thorpe
Colorado Academy
Mark Levine
CU Anschutz Medical Campus, Center
for Bioethics & Humanities
Dale Tomrdle
The Northstone Group
Katie Levisay
Private neuropsychology practice
Erin Trapp
Carbon Vault
Mike Liebman
Sean VanBerschot
Prosono Consulting
Emily Martini
Arapahoe Community College
Bethany Veo
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Toi Massey
ANM Innovative Absolutions
Tamra Ward
TALOMA Partners
Lee McIntire
Stephanie Wasserman
Immunize Colorado
Matt Most
Katherine Waters
American Association of Food Safety and Public Health Veterinarians
  Tim Wohlgenant
For the Love of Colorado

The 2021 Friends of the Institute application is now closed and will reopen in the fall.