A webinar series that explores new ideas and innovations in science and technology that impact society. Each episode will explore the benefits, tradeoffs, and risks associated with innovative solutions while unpacking questions around ethics, policy, and public perceptions. 


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Episode 4: Cell-Cultivated Meat

Explore the the innovation, benefits, and tradeoffs surrounding cell-cultivated meat from the scientific challenges and government regulations to the impacts on ranching communities, public perceptions, and more. Guests included Jennifer Martin, meat safety expert and Assistant Professor at CSU and the Colorado School of Public Health, and Matt Hotze, Director of Science and Technology at the Good Food Institute. 

Episode 3: Reducing Polarization

Watch our discussion on the roots of our current divisiveness and new ideas for reducing polarization, from the role of media to interventions that work. Our panelists examine how differing political views intersect with our values, perceptions, and identities. Speakers include Stephen Hawkins, Director of Research for More in Common, Laura Frank, Executive Director of the Colorado News Collaborative, and Jan G. Voelkel, a researcher at the Polarization and Social Change Lab at Stanford University.

Episode 2: Carbon Capture

Watch our discussion on how carbon capture technology has evolved, how it is being used, and the current deliberation of its benefits and tradeoffs. Guests included Will Toor, Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office, and Ahmed Abdulla, professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University and of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Episode 1: The AI Revolution and Misinformation

Join us as we discuss the potential media threats AI tools such as ChatGPT pose to spreading misinformation and false narratives across the digital landscape. Associate Professor of Information Science Casey Fiesler talks with Institute Director Kristan Uhlenbrock from the University of Colorado where she is a leading researcher of technology ethics, internet law and policy, and online communities. From bias issues to accountability and media ethics, learn how AI will impact our ability to trust information in an increasingly polarized world.

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