Date: 10/08/2020
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Community Perspectives and Conflict over Wolves
Thursday, October 8 at 5 p.m. MT
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Science and data can tell us many empirical things about wolves, including range, behavior, population size, and more. But the facts alone don’t reflect an important component of the wolf debate: passion. Wolves evoke strong reactions that are informed by our life experiences and cultural values. Often these reactions have less to do with the species itself and more to do with deep-seated tensions over the rural-urban divide, management of public lands, and human needs such as security, meaning, and freedom. Is there a possibility of finding common ground?

In our third episode, we’ll hear firsthand perspectives about wolves from Bill Fales, a rancher in Colorado’s Crystal River Valley, and Jonathan Proctor, Program Director of the Rockies and Plains Program for Defenders of Wildlife. They’ll discuss their hopes and concerns, lingering challenges with Colorado’s land and animals, and a path forward in addition to answering audience questions during a moderated Q&A session.

This free public webinar is presented by the Institute for Science & Policy and Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Center for Collaborative Conservation, the Center for Human-Carnivore Coexistence, CSU Extension, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The session will also be streamed on Facebook.