Date: 05/04/2020
Time: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM

COVID-19 Vaccines & Therapeutics: What Lies Ahead
A Collaboration of the Colorado School of Public Health and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science 
Monday, May 4 at 8:30 a.m. MT
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The search for a COVID-19 vaccine has taken center stage, with all eyes on scientists’ efforts to develop safe and effective treatments at a breakneck pace. With so much of the world’s population still susceptible to infection, a return to any semblance of social normalcy may hinge on widespread inoculations, therapeutic solutions, and herd immunity. But what will a successful vaccine rollout look like, and when might it arrive? 

In part two of our ongoing COVID-19 webinar series, we’ll explore the science behind vaccine development and which medical avenues could prove most effective in quelling the coronavirus. The University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Michelle Barron, MD, Professor of Medicine-Infectious Disease and Thomas Campbell, MD, Professor of Medicine-Infectious Disease will lead an interactive discussion on the process behind clinical trials, what history tells us about possible outcomes, and which hurdles a vaccine would need to clear before it can be confidently distributed to the public. Dr. Barron and Dr. Campbell will also answer questions from the audience during a moderated Q&A session. 

This free livestream event is open to the public and is presented by the Colorado School of Public Health, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and the Institute for Science & Policy.