We asked scientists, policymakers, community leaders, business executives, students, and more to reflect on what we’ve learned about science and policy this year. These questions will also help prompt our discussions during this year’s interactive breakout sessions at Symposium 2020 on December 1 & 3.

Media, Biases, and Perception
John Gable, CEO & Co-Founder

Education and Institutions
Chevy Humphrey, Hazel A. Hare President and CEO of the Arizona Science Center

Public Opinion and Trust
Cary Funk, Director of Science and Society Research at Pew Research Center

Communities and Change
Raj Pandya, Director of the Thriving Earth Exchange, American Geophysical Union

Environmental Justice, Climate Science, and Policy
Ean Tafoya, Colorado Field Advocate, GreenLatinos

Scientists, Leadership, and Political Engagement
Maryam Zaringhalam, Data Science & Open Science Officer, National Library of Medicine

Science, Policy and the Colorado Legislature
Chris Hansen, Colorado State Senator, District 31

Youth, Policy, and a Seat at the Table
Lizz Leung, High School Senior, ISP Convening Participant, and Teen Science Scholar

Ethics, Trust, and Public Health
Matthew Wynia, Director, Center for Bioethics and Humanities, University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus

Communication and Climate Science
Abel Gustafson, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Racism and Trust
Norma Johnson, poet, facilitator, and storyteller



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