Thursday, April 21 at 7 p.m. MT

Climate change is a global challenge. But in many ways, the solutions we need are all around us. The foods we eat, the vehicles we drive, the spaces we inhabit, and the clothes we wear can all make a positive impact if we approach them through the lens of sustainability. Here in Colorado, many businesses, institutions, and community organizations are already working on new and impactful approaches to help make our daily lives more environmentally-friendly. From breweries to buildings and beyond, join us virtually on Earth Day eve for a night of inspiring conversation with a panel of local guests.

We'll discuss sustainability initiatives and innovations happening in our state right now, talk about challenges that still lie ahead, and then explore ways for us all to get more involved in our own communities. We also want to hear from you: What questions do you have about climate and the environment that you'd like answered? What makes you hopeful or apprehensive about the future? Tell us what's on your mind and our panelists will address select responses live during our broadcast.

This special Earth Day 2022 virtual event is hosted by the Institute for Science & Policy and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The session will also be streamed live to the Institute's Facebook and YouTube channels.

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With Special Guests:

Image for Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey
Plant Manager, Odell Brewing Co.
Image for DJ Cavem
DJ Cavem
Eco-Hip Hop Artist, Activist, Motivator, and Chef
Image for Julia Davila
Julia Davila
Communications and Engagement Manager, Drive Clean Colorado

Previous Earth Day Events

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Climate change affects each and every one of us, from right here in Colorado to communities around the world. The need for collective action on this global challenge has never been more urgent. And yet, scientific facts and news reports alone are not always enough to persuade others. Humans engage with issues through other emotional and sensory means as well, and mediums such as theatre, comedy, film, and painting can be especially impactful.

Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson moderates a discussion with a diverse lineup of filmmakers, artists, and performers including James Balog, award-winning photographer and founder of the Earth Vision Institute and the Extreme Ice Survey; Kenya Fashaw, playwright and performer; Jane Kim, visual artist, science illustrator, and founder of Ink Dwell; and Beth Osnes, associate professor of Theatre and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder

Earth Day 2020: Our Changing Planet

Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson leads an insightful, optimistic conversation focused on innovation, technology, policy, and effective communication strategies to address our most pressing climate challenges in Colorado and beyond. Mike is joined by an esteemed panel of experts including Dr. Paul Denholm, principal analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Alice Jackson, president of Xcel Energy Colorado; and Dr. Dione Rossiter, executive director of the University of California Berkeley's Science at Cal program.

Earth Day 2020: Science on the Spot

The original Earth Day came just eight years after Rachel Carson published Silent Spring which alerted readers to many ecological perils. Earth Day in turn helped spawn new environmental awareness and laws leading to banning DDT and other dangers that put a number of species under threat of extinction. Society has made some progress but many species still face extinction threats, and the need for research and protection of species has not diminished. In this edition of Science on the Spot, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. We'll focus on on the human role in stewardship and conservation of our planet: the story of the the people, the plants and animals that inhabit it. Our collections staff will share some images of objects in our collections along with stories of tragedy and hope that accompany them.