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COVID -19: Looking Back and Looking Forward  Webinar Recording

Now that we have reached the three-year mark of living with COVID-19 in the US, public health experts are reflecting on the past and the path forward. Watch our free webinar  from March 13, 2023, focusing on long COVID, plus a discussion of what we’ve learned about the virus, what has changed, and what the future may hold. This webinar is part of a long-running COVID-19 Virtual Conversation series from the Institute of Science & Policy in collaboration with the Colorado School of Public Health.

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Water, Under Pressure Podcast

Listen to the new season of our award-winning podcast, Water, Under Pressure: The Uncertain Future of Colorado's Most Valuable Resource. This year we're taking you deep into the world of water, where values, science, law, and identity collide. The series explores how Colorado communities are facing tough choices about this dwindling vital resource. All episodes are available now. 

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2022 Symposium: Living With Uncertainty

This year's Symposium explored how uncertainty reaches all parts of our lives and weighs heavily on our decision-making, policies, and communication. Watch all of our expert keynotes and panel discussions with thought leaders, policy makers, scientists, the media, and our next generation of leaders. Plus check out additional resources from our speakers for further learning.


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Grasslands: The Path Ahead

Grassland conservation remains one of this century’s most pressing challenges. How do we turn the tide in order to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for these ecosystems? A discussion with Clint Evans, State Conservationist for the Colorado Natural Resources Conservation Service; Marshall Johnson, Chief Conservation Officer for Audubon; and Kelsey Ducheneaux-Scott (Lakota), Director of Programs for the Intertribal Agriculture Council.

COVID-19: From Epidemic to Endemic

What will it mean to live with COVID-19 over the long haul? Dr. Jonathan Samet and Dr. Elizabeth Carlton of the Colorado School of Public Health join Scott Bookman, COVID-19 Public Health Response Incident Commander for CDPHE, to talk about the end of the Omicron wave and the ongoing need for preparedness around testing, therapeutics, and emerging variants.

The Marshall Fire Tragedy and the Changing Wildland Urban Interface

Last year's Marshall Fire in Boulder County was one of the most devastating blazes in Colorado history, destroying more than a thousand homes in predominantly suburban neighborhoods. What can science tell us about a sustainable approach to living with fire in the wildland urban interface?

Colorado's Food Landscape

Find out how Colorado farmers and ranchers are adapting to our changing climate and what steps they're taking to ensure the future of our food supply.

The Future of Energy: Colorado's Energy Roadmap

Will Toor, Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office, stops by to chat about electric vehicles, renewables on the grid, the role of markets, and much, much more.

Cut, Paste, Delete: The Ethics of Gene Editing & Humanity's Hereditary Future

Gene editing's newfound ease and speed raises a host of ethical uncertainties. The question of how far this manmade evolutionary tool can - and should - go is one of today's most pressing scientific dilemmas. Our panel of nationwide experts discusses the peril and promise of this emerging technology.

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