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Buildings, roads, sidewalks, and the future design of the spaces we inhabit will play a key role in global decarbonization efforts. In our 2022 call for essays, we want to know: What's next for green infrastructure, sustainability, and integrating climate goals with the built environment? Where will the next great innovations arise in construction, urban planning, or other related areas? Are there individuals or organizations who are already doing something unique in this space? Do you have a personal story or firsthand experience that you can incorporate? We want to hear from you.

Submission guidelines:  

  • Email a pitch of no more than 150 words to the Institute with the subject line “Perspectives 2022” and your surname. The pitch should convey a sense of what you intend to cover and your key point(s). 
  • Published essays will be edited to a length of 1,000 – 1,200 words. 
  • All material should be written for a general, non-technical audience with minimal jargon. 
  • Data, references, and external quotations must be hyperlinked, footnoted or otherwise credited wherever possible. 
  • Graphics, images, and other supplementary multimedia materials are welcome with appropriate permission from the rightsholder(s). 
  • Submissions are generally expected to be original, unpublished work. Excerpts or adaptations from previously published material will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • The Institute reserves the right to edit, abridge, and/or decline publication of any submission at any time for any reason, at the sole discretion of the Institute team. 
  • The Institute is non-partisan and does not advocate for policy positions. All published submissions will be accompanied by the following disclaimer: The Institute for Science & Policy is committed to publishing diverse perspectives in order to advance civil discourse and productive dialogue. Views expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the Institute, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, or its affiliates. 

The Institute will offer payment of $500 for all accepted work. Submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Friday, July 15 to receive full consideration. Writers of color are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Essays assigned for publication will be edited in collaboration with the Institute staff and published in late September on the Institute’s website. 

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